Start Your Own Baby Newspaper and Candy Bar Wrapper Business...The Ultimate Work At Home Job!
Start Your Own Baby Newspaper and Candy Bar Wrapper Business...The Ultimate Work At Home Job!
Start Your Own Baby Newspaper and Candy Bar Wrapper Business...The Ultimate Work At Home Job!
Home Page for The Baby Newspaper and Candy Bar Business, a unique, legitimate home biz. Work full-time or part-time. Program comes with course manual. Samples of what you can do with The Baby Newspaper Program and Candy Bar Business. Work from home and create unique gifts.  Personalized and customized birth announcements, invitations and candy bar wrappers. Read testimonials from others who own their work at home business. Purchase The Baby Newspaper Program and Candy Bar Business and make money from home with this great and legitimate home-based business opportunity. Whether you have a question, suggestion, complaint or just need to contact us, click here.
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Learn How You Can Create A Good Income From Home With This Unique Baby Newspaper and Candy Bar Home Business!

A Legitimate, One-Of-A Kind Work From Home Business Selling Baby Newspapers and Candy Bars!

 This just in...You can also create your own "Baby Drivers License"...SWEET!

If you're retired, a stay at home mom, a stay at home dad, or you just want to earn some extra money from self-employment, then you really should take a good, hard look at The Baby Newspaper and Candy Bar Home Business. All you need is a computer and a color printer to do this.

Listen Closely...

You, too, can run your own business selling personalized baby newspapers and candy bars! And now you can create and sell baby drivers licenses too! They're so adorable and a great gift for the new mom. Often times, they will order not only one baby license from you but 4,5 or more to hand out to their family. That means more money in your pocket!

They're just like an adult drivers license but cuter~ Check out the photo here: Baby License

That's right! Baby Newspapers and Candy Bars and now Baby Licenses!

What on Earth are Baby Newspapers?

Baby Newspapers are actually customized and personalized special birth announcements in the likeness of a newspaper. It's a unique gift that can and will be treasured for years by parents and grandparents. In fact, every member of the family will love these customized and personalized treasures.

You see, the Baby Newspaper captures the exact magical moment someone's baby arrived and gives all the details that occurred on that special day! Just view our Samplesto see what a really great gift this is.

OK, So What About the Candy Bar Wrapper Business?

You will also receive, along with your Baby Newspaper Business, the Personalized Candy Bar Wrapper Business. You actually create a special type of designer candy bar wrapper that goes around candy bars. It's mainly used for those special events such as birthdays, baby showers, weddings, retirement parties, birth announcements, graduations and about 100 other special occasions. You will learn how to place special messages, slogans, pictures and even logos along the wrapper.

Most special occasion type events are looking for something unique to give their guest as a token.

When you think about it, 7 days a week, 365 days a year someone is celebrating something. They are going to plan parties and events and they are going to be looking for unique favors and items to present to their guests as a remembrance. This is where you come in. The items you can offer for any event are just about endless. This business is so versatile you can create a wrapper, label, newspaper or magazine cover for any occasion, and with any item that can be wrapped or labeled. Create gift baskets for the holidays, entire birthday party themes for a child's party. The possibilities with this product are virtually endless. Take it as far as your imagination will go. One of my members just had a gentleman ask her to create a newspaper to memorialize his mother. Now, when I say this business is versatile I'm not talking through my hat!

And Your Baby Newspaper and Candy Bar Home Business comes with a bunch of features!

  • No special software needed. Use MS Word or any graphics editor. Download and unzip the template sets from the members only website. Open the template (.jpg format) in any graphics editor or DTP or wordprocessor. Add your text and pictures. It's as easy as 1,2,3!
  • Detailed instructions on how to design and create wrappers, labels, newspapers, magazine covers, baby licenses and more. . .
  • Predesigned wrappers sets in more than 25 categories, ready for you to insert your own text so you can get started immediately.
  • Blank templates for all sizes of candy and other items so that you can design your own unique wrappers that can be personalized.
  • Graphics for use with your wrappers. I am a decorative painter and amateur photographer and I am adding more of my own creations for you to use.
  • Fonts for use in creating great text.
  • How to insert photos on wrappers for that extra special touch. How to go about it and if and when to charge for it.
  • Instruction on how to cut wrappers and wrap your candy and other items.
  • How to seal your wrappers so they don't smudge.
  • Suggestions on where to obtain candy, paper and supplies at the lowest possible prices.
  • How to use your digital camera and scanner, if you have them to enhance your business. (This is not required to start your business, just an added feature.)
  • Tips and suggestions on what paper to use.
  • Tips and suggestions on promoting your products. Who, what, where, when and how.
  • Tips and suggestions on pricing.
  • Tips and suggestions on packaging and shipping.
  • Personal unlimited e-mail support.
  • And more!!

OK. That's Great!
But How Do You Make Money?

This is how it works:

There is always a baby shower, expectant mother, birthday party, children�s birthday party, holidays, etc. happening at any given time.

Because of occasions such as these, most people are looking for something unique to give their family and friends. They need a gift, decoration, invitation, keepsake or announcement. These products roll all those needs into one.

Now here is where YOU come in. You actually create a newspaper for their child.

And do you know what the really neat part about all of this is? Most families don�t buy just one newspaper.

They buy DOZENS of copies so that they can mail one to their families and friends. These families WILL want to order Candy Bars and baby licenses to go along with that order too. The possibilities are endless!

You can make anywhere from $25.00 - $125.00 for each order and it only takes about 15 minutes to fill the order!

Free Report: 10 Sizzling Ideas On How To Market Your New Baby Newspaper And Candy Bar Home Business!

Fill out your first name and email address in the box below. You will get your FREE report immediately to your email box! Your name will never be sold or shared.

Here Are A Few Other Occasions Where Selling Baby Newspapers Can Help You Earn Extra Money With Your Own Part-Time Business From Home!


This is the one gift that eclipses all others. People want a keepsake item that can be treasured for a lifetime. After the baby is born, you can quickly get the birth information and immediately place it on the newspaper. You then frame it and then send it to the parents. They can easily hang it up in the baby's room. Then talk to them about ordering some baby licenses to hand out to friends and family!


People love celebrating a child's very first birthday. You can create them for gifts and special parties. Always a money maker.


Why would people buy the same old boring birth announcements, when they could have something that will totally change the way they view any announcements. Mail them to different families and watch your phone ring off the hook begging you to make one for their children!


Know of any children about to celebrate their birthday? You can create a newspaper and create copies for all the other children to take home. This will make any child feel special.

So, if you're looking for a way to earn extra money from your own business that you can work at full-time or part-time, then The Baby Newspaper and Candy Bar Home Business should be your business!

WOW! This Sounds GREAT! So How Much Does It Cost for The Baby Newspaper and Candy Bar Home Business?

A VERY low annual membership fee of $29.99!

You are purchasing an annual Membership to the owner's password protected web site. You also have the opportunity to sign up for either a 6 month membership or the best deal, a "lifetime" membership option.

This web site gives you the ability to go to work right away creating your own baby newspaper and candy bar wrapper. Show them off to your friends and family and start getting orders. The owner has decided to use this format for a couple of reasons. First - is instant access, the quicker you get the information the quicker you get started. Second - why be limited to just what comes on a disk? On the web site you have access to new designs, graphics fonts and modules as soon as they become available. This is an excellent offer. And last but not least is control. Let me explain. If we put the course on CD, then once we place the package in the hands of the post office we no longer have control over when it will arrive, if it will arrive, or in what condition it will arrive. With the web site, the minute the owner uploads new and exciting designs, graphics, fonts or modules you have access to it immediately. Remember, all you need is a computer and a color printer and you're set!

Check out our testimonials page and make sure you read the FAQ's page for more information. Please feel free to email us too, if you need more information.

In the "members only" website, there are other great creations that you can create and sell too.  Right now there are templates to make Invitations, Candy Cake Sets, Glass Block Sets, and Paint Can Sets which are a "HOT" new item for Weddings.      

Don't miss this opportunity to be your own boss, set your own hours, pay off those bills, take a vacation, put money away for the kids' college. Work part-time or full-time. Make a little or a lot! A better future is yours for the taking.

You get a wonderful Membership to the "members only" password protected website. Use PayPal and Get Instant Access! Get the Instant Access website and start today!

Annual Fee of $29.99

Other payment options are available as well.

So c'mon! What are you waiting for? This business is VERY UNIQUE. You can be one of the first people in your own "home town" creating these special framed mementos,Candy Bars and the NEW "Baby Licenses" too. Don't waste another minute! Simply click Here to get started NOW!

Unfortunately We are not accepting new Members at this time. Please check back soon..thank you


This offer is currently available to citizens of the United States, Canada, Europe and Australasia.

Please understand that we can not guarantee your success with The Baby Newspaper Program or The Candy Bar Business as results do vary based on your effort, time spent, and other conditions.
Click Here to read our entire disclaimer!

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